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Dr. Mary Shatford

Shull Early Learning Center opened in 2017 and has a reputation for high quality early education as we serve children from birth to pre-kindergarten in our programs that focus on the whole child:  Parents As Teachers, Developmental Screenings, Pre-kindergarten, Diagnostics and Special Education. At Shull Early Learning Center, we prepare our students for kindergarten through purposeful play, intentional learning opportunities and individualized resources.   

All teachers are certified by the State of Missouri in Early Childhood Education and/or Early Childhood Special Education. 

Shull Early Learning Center has designed our own board approved curriculum taking into consideration Missouri Early Learning Standards, Raymore-Peculiar Kindergarten standards and Early Childhood research.  Every classroom has a certified early childhood teacher along with a paraprofessional as we are dedicated to supporting children at every level of their development through joyful learning. 

Dr. Mary Shatford, Principal

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